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The Least of These Ministries

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The Least of These Ministries

The story is told by the founding director of The Least of These Ministries Steve Hull that a volunteer gave a dress to a little Haitian girl in the bateyes of the Dominican Republic. The child was bewildered with the piece of clothing and did not know what to do with it. She was directed to try the dress on and then took it off again to return it. She did not understand that it was hers to keep. However a short time later the girl was sent home with her new dress in hand. Several days later the volunteer saw the child without the new piece of clothing, and asked her about it. She replied “It is not my day to wear the dress!”.

This story etched itself in the hearts of the UM Women at Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church and they responded. They sewed 24 print dresses for other Haitian girls that the ministry is involved with as food and clean water are distributed in the region. On Sunday March 10th the dresses were given to Steve and Ann Hull at the church service. They were first modeled by several girls in the Sunday School and then blessed. The dresses were given with love to those in need.

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